Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update of progress over Cristmas and New Year.

Whilst I was on my holiday in france I had the luckiest descovery ever. I found GoldFinger's car from the James Bond film Gold finger. This was fantastic, it was a perfect example of the style of vehiecles of the time I am recreating. I was able to take a good number of photos of it that will be helpful in modeling and texturing later.

I have made more buildings for the city, most notably the ford factory. It will be one of the many places in the game where events from the story line take place. The content of this area of the story is about the early development of automobiles. Henry Ford's decision to go with the combustion engine instead of the alternatives. It will also provide the player gameplay opportunities where they can modify their car in a similar way to the GTA san andreas mod garages. They will be able to customise many features of the cars like the headlamps, bumpers, roofs, wheels and the color can also be changed.
This level of customisation is an important part of the gamplay and allows the player to be come more immersed in the environment. Other things that might be customisable are the characters cloathes hair and facial hair as well as the characters face. This would be limited but there would be a selection of faces to choose from. In the game this would involve going to a cosmetic sergeon that could change your face and would be a similar to going to the hairdressers in GTA SA. This works well in the story aswell, the character can go under cover by disguising himself as somone else.

Over the holidays I discovered the ESBN better effects mod for GTA san andreas. It is a mod that allows the player to change the graphics settings. This could be encorporated into the gameplay by saying it was some sort of detective vision but I don't think this would enhance the gamemplay. It does enhance the graphics quite considerably by adding a number of visual effects like depth of field, motion blur, ambient occlusion, bloom lighting, bump maping and reflections. This does alot to improve the graphics and it also gives me direct control of the visual style by adjusting settings in a simple script. It will help me create a more realistic and gritty world.
I also moddeled the a new set of cloating for the main character, a detectives raincoat and hat. It's what all good detectives wear. In the next few weeks a want to have set up a working cloathes store and changing room that the player can use to change his cloathes. The map and general layout of the city will be finalised and a working model imported into the game. This will take a very simple form of boxes most likely but will represent the final layout and will help me set paths for traffic early on.
By the mid term review I hope to have the city layed out with traffic and pedestrians around. A small part of this will be textured for demonstration purposes. To achieve this in this short amount of time I must plan the city very thoroughly and be careful not to over complicate things.

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