Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GTA progress

Over the last week i have continued my research and work with the GTA San Andreas engine. There were a few bugs with my character model, mainly with skinning and problems when combining my models with clothing from the game, where they didn't fit together properly. Originally i replaced the Valet outfit with my suit model and this worked fine because it changes all the characters clothing that roughly matched it. However when you died you wound up back at the hospital with no clothes on which is a bit silly. So I replaced the suit1 model and texture with mine and created a range of textures to go with it. Now I have a range of coloured suits available to wear in game, later I will work on the textures to make a more realistic set of suits(Pin-stripe, Double and single breasted, gangster and other variations). There are other slots available for clothing that could also be modded like the Tuxedo, Tweed jacket and pants(suit2). All of the cloathes can be modified but for the moment i'm replacing like for like so items will appear in the appropriate way and I don't have to change the names in the main.scm(script), this is possible but is a bit tricky. It isn't somthing i will worry about now but when I set my TC mod it would be nice to name the cloathes properly, that way I can have many more. I can replace the hoody model for example with an overcoat model and then rename it appropriately. So the player would buy an Overcoat that looks like an overcoat instead of buying a hoody that looks like an overcoat.

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